SDSVP Core Values

SDSVP is modeling some terrific behavior that I would like to highlight. SDSVP has recently established a fabulous set of Core Values. These Core Values have been formally adopted by the organization and now our job is to have our partners learn them and live them. The SDSVP Core Values are:

Sustainability – We believe San Diego Social Venture Partners should be part of the long-term solutions for our community.
Accountability – We believe in monitoring and measuring results.
Innovation – We believe in challenging the status quo and taking calculated risks to try out innovative ideas.
Leadership – We believe in creating the organization that we expect of others.
Respect – We believe in treating each other and our Investees with respect.

Since these have been adopted by the organization, I have seen Partners making decisions based on these values. On Sustainability, we established an Endowment and Partners have begun to make contributions.

On Accountability, SDSVP has a really cool tool that measures an organization in ten different areas such as strategic planning, finances, and board development. We are beginning to use this tool to measure our investees. To show Leadership, SDSVP is going to measure itself and then begin a systematic program of improvement. This will be memorialized in the 07/08 SDSVP Goals.

Innovation is very core at SDSVP. This organization has an interesting mix of policy and procedures coupled with an intense desire to change and improve. I have seen this at both the Investment Working Group (IWG) and the Portfolio Working Group (PWG). What I have also seen at the IWG and PWG meetings are people thoughtfully listening to the rationale behind the changes. For me, listening is the ultimate show of Respect.

Let’s band together and show our investees and all the organizations that we work with how to truly live Core Values. If you see examples of Partners living by our Core Values, please congratulate them. Likewise, if you see examples of Partners not living our Core Values, please Respectfully have a conversation with them. Also remember that the most important part of a conversation is listening!

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