Seems to me for December 2007

Random thoughts on how to make the USA a better place.

1 -Seems to me that the Congress should work on substantial issues like immigration and the budget.
2 -Seems to me that if a borrower can’t make a payment on a loan, the lender and the borrower should deal with the consequences.
3 – Seems to me that Congress should balance the budget. If not, they should be fired. CEOs that can’t figure budgeting out get fired.

4 – Seems to me that voters should demand that a balance budget is more important than pork even though pork creates jobs in their districts.
5 – Seems to me that voters should be more concerned about the whole instead of their particular issue or cause. Let’s get the basics working first.
6 – Seems to me that voters can change the political system easier than the elected representatives.
7 – Seems to me that the power of the voters coupled with Internet can change the political system.
8 – Seems to me that if we all demand change, then each elected representative will have political cover to do what is right, not what they think will get them elected again. Don’t make them guess about what gets them re-elected, tell them.
9 – Seems to me that everyone knows that Social Security is a mess. The “Financial Report” of the US Government says that revenues will fall short of payments by $45,000,000,000,000 in the next 75 years. If we all know it is a mess, let us the voters demand that Congress fix it in 2008. If we band together and vote as a block in unity, we can force this. We must give them political cover. Here is my back of a napkin solution. Incrementally slow down increases of payments such that the system comes in balance by 2040. I know this will be painful for many Americans, but let’s be realistic. Any solution will be painful because Congress has failed to act on this problem for so long. The longer we wait, the more painful the solution will be. That is reality.
10 – Seems to me that many of the current candidates are competing for votes by giving the voters something. This “chicken in every pot” tactic works because we the voters still are accepting of it. We are bankrupting ourselves. My city (San Diego), state (California), and federal governments are all in deficits. All three have huge unfunded liabilities. I want fiscal responsibility. Do you? If so, tell the candidates and current elected offcials to balance the budget and fund the unfunded liabilities.
11 – Seems to me that the US should secure its borders. Seems to me it is appropriate to know who is coming into the country. At least, let’s agree to this.
12 – Seems to me that if we focus on educating the youth of this country, many of our problems will be reduced. Let’s focus on education.
13 – Seems to me that K-12 education is best handled at the state and county levels. Each state and county have different issues. Let the states and counties figure out what is best.
14 – Seems to me that politicians should model good behavior in their actions and their spoken and written word.

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