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Education of Partners is part of the SDSVP foundation. For me, SDSVP has been doing a fabulous job in educating me in philanthropy. With 20+ years of active philanthropic activities, I am amazed at my rate of learning at SDSVP. Topics for learning for me have been in outcomes, management, strategic planning, endowments, collaboration, and co-funding. Some of the learning comes via articles passed on to me, some comes from Partner feedback, and some comes from sitting in SDSVP Meetings. I will guarantee you this, our Partners are smart folks.

For Partners who desire to increase their knowledge, SDSVP provides many avenues. We have First Fridays that are lunchtime learning sessions with a variety of topics.

Our Working Groups, Resource Teams and Investees are rich sources of education. Those groups, teams, and Investees are (with their respective leaders):

Resource Teams:
Board Development & Governance: Joyce Ross
Finance: Jeffrey Hawkins and Lenore Hawkins
Fundraising: Barbara Bry
Information Technology: Eric Busboom
Marketing: Peter Cohen
Strategic Planning: Duane Trombly

Lead Partners of Investees:
San Diego Coastkeeper: Gina Rogers
Sierra Club: Eric Busboom
La Cuna: Dale Stein
Angels: Amy Larson
Community Resource Center: Morgan Day/Bob Papera
Corporation for Supportive Housing: Sherri Neasham

Working Groups:
Investment Working Group: David Johnson/Ann Field
Portfolio Working Group: Martin Shapiro
Environment Accelerator Fund: Aaron Contorer/Trevor Callan
Engagement Working Group: Barbara Zelnick
Communication Working Group: Richard Bockoff
Social Working Group: Leigh Johnson

An important note regarding the resource team, working groups and the Investees…

Prior experience in any of these areas is NOT a pre-requisite to be part of the group.
The leaders of these groups are happy to teach, provide you with appropriate tasks and guide you to being a more effective philanthropist. What a great opportunity to be part of a small group with fun people, do some valuable work and learn in the process.

Finally, please contact me if you have ideas about other educational opportunities that you believe the Partnership will benefit from. With your help, we will have the most effective philanthropists in all of San Diego!

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