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Two weeks ago I wrote about many of the experiential educational opportunities that we have at SDSVP. The Investment Working Group (IWG) is a great example of a fabulous hands on learning opportunity. For me, most of what I learn comes from the school of hard knocks so experiential education is vital to my education. SDSVP has been, and continues to be, a perfect place for me to continue to learn. There are really smart and outspoken Partners in SDSVP and I get tons of lessons from hard knocks.

After the last newsletter, Darcy Bingham contacted me. SDSVP education is a passion for Darcy Bingham. She spent some time we me telling me about her thoughts on education. For those of you who don’t know, Darcy is one of the two Founders of SDSVP and a pretty amazing lady. Carrie Stone is the other Founder and also an amazing person.

Darcy explained to me one educational opportunity that has been previously discussed, but I don’t believe it’s ever implemented. It is called Dinner Dialogues. The idea is to bring an expert to a dinner and have a roundtable discussion while enjoying a nice meal in the company of your fellow SDSVP Partners.

Since I am personally committed to listening to our Partners and implementing innovative ideas (Innovation is a Core Value of SDSVP), I am going to put together a Dinner Dialogue. Here is my plan….

1) Find an expert in some aspect of philanthropy and get on their schedule. I have a few suggestions already and will take more ideas from the Partnership.
2) Find a restaurant that has a private room that can accommodate 12 or so people. Again, I have a few suggestions and will take more from the Partnership.
3) Send an invite to the Partnership for a no-host dinner with awesome friends and a fascinating expert in philanthropy.
4) Have a nice dinner.
5) Learn a lot.
6) Share ideas.

Assuming this event turns out to be successful, we will continue with Dinner Dialogues. Ultimately, I would like to see a wide variety of interesting topics discussed. I would also like to see other types and venues of education. If education is a passion for you, please get in touch with me. I would like to hear your ideas also.

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