Fear, Oct 2003

This is a poem I wrote in a Vistage Chair training class. I am continually reminded how fear gets in the way of good decision making for managers. I am also continually reminded how I am hampered by fear. Of course, I deny the fear in me more than I should. It is easy to attribute your actions or lack of actions on things besides fear when fear is the issue at hand.


I want to write about fear.

There is no metal, but the chains are strong.
I am afraid, what will they think?

There are no bars, but the cell is locked.
I am afraid, what if I fail?

There is no barbed wire, but the fence is high.
I am afraid, what if I look stupid?

There are no guards, but they are watching.
I am afraid, I am alone.

How long will I choose fear?
What happens if I choose freedom?

If I choose freedom, there are no chains.
If I choose freedom, there is no cell.
If I choose freedom, there is no fence.

There are guards, but if I choose freedom, I don’t care if they watch.

When will I choose freedom?

By Mark Fackler
Oct 2003

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