How Big A Heart Can Be

Last Saturday, I attended the funeral of Brandon Zucker. In 2000, Brandon Zucker, aged four, was seriously injured at Disneyland after being trapped under the Roger Rabbit ride for about 10 minutes. He had brain damage as a result. Sadly and blessedly Brandon died some eight plus years later.

Today, I want to acknowledge Victoria Zucker, Brandon’s mom. Her courage throughout the past eight years will forever inspire me to be strong in the face of adversity. Brandon endured countless surgeries. Victoria was always at his side.

Kimi Yoshino of the Los Angeles Times wrote the obituary for Brandon. Ironically, Kimi’s first assignment for the paper was to cover the accident at Disneyland. In the obituary, Kimi quoted Victoria “It’s done. Every time he was poked and prodded, another piece was taken out of my heart. I’ve been grieving for eight years.”

Victoria has a huge heart for having lost thousands of pieces. She will forever inspire me to love more and to believe that the heart is capable of endless love.

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