Learning about the homeless – April 20, 2009

For people reading this blog entry that have not read my previous entries on the homeless, I encourage you to read Homeless Project Background. It will give you some background on my project. Briefly, I have made a commitment to give $20 each week to a homeless person and minimally ask their name and where they are from.

I have been working just with Ron lately. I seem to care for him as a person now. I was talking with him a few days ago and I could barely stand the putrid odor. I was gagging as I talked with him about his life in Texas and his stint in the Army. I kept looking at his eyes and feeling so very sad. I just bought a small video recorder and am going to interview him on tape so all of you can see him. I should have the tape in a week or so. I hope he is OK with it. I really do want you to see him.

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  1. George says:

    Hi Mark:
    I hope you are well 🙂
    Have you considered the Flip cameras? I have been recommending them to several of our clients for putting videos online.
    The Flip is great because no wires are necessary. It just plugs into your usb, and it directly uploads the video to YouTube. Then, you can easily embed the link in your blog.

  2. Mark says:

    All is well. Thanks.

    I just bought a Flip from Amazon for $69. It is just a 30 minute model, but plenty for videos like this. I also bought TKF ten of them so the mentors can video tape the great work they do with the kids (www.tkf.org)

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