Keepers of the Flame

KOF LoResIn 2005, Chip Webster and Doug Bouey invited 10+ year TEC/Vistage Chairs to a gathering in Boulder, CO. Since that first gathering, members of TEC/Vistage Keepers of the Flame have gathered each year in June in Boulder, CO. This is our purpose.

1- Renewal of mind, heart and spirit. We come to continue our growth, and share the journey connecting each of us through our work and our calling. We come to listen from the heart and honor the intentions of our founders.

2- Enhancing and expanding the soul of TEC/Vistage and our own souls.

3- A time for 10+ year experienced Chairs worldwide to share their story, their journey and their wisdom with people they highly regard but seldom see.

4- Ours is a forum where Chairs who have 10+ years experience continue learning about the soul side of Chairing with the intention that the flame be passed from generation to generation.

5- Renewing friendships through sharing time and experiences.

6- A safe place to quest, to question, and to extend our horizons while honoring the thoughts and feelings of those not accustomed to the “inner work.”

I have had the honor of being part of this group since 2012. After my first year at the gathering, I volunteered to be their webmaster. The work is interesting, fun and forces me to keep current in at least one small slice of web technology (Drupal 7). Please check out the website.

TEC/Vistage Keepers of the Flame