San Diego Wildfires and SDSVP

What is SDSVP’s responsibility in a crisis like the wildfires we have just experienced?

I saw and heard of countless examples of truly compassionate Partners. We donated supplies. We offered shelter for people and pets. We helped coordinate the collection and distribution of supplies. We cared for people and for the San Diego community.

In conversations with Partners, I could see the wheels spinning. Should SDSVP coordinate rebuilding efforts? Should SDSVP focus on an area in San Diego that is not in the front and center of attention? Should SDSVP help relief organizations be more prepared for a crisis? Should SDSVP transform the manner in which relief efforts are orchestrated? Should we consider relief organizations as the next sector to focus on?

San Diego will be faced with another fire of this magnitude. That is certain. Not to be doom and gloom, but in my opinion, San Diego will also be faced with a crisis of equal or greater magnitude that we have not previously experienced. Whether the crisis is caused by nature, people, or a combination of both, San Diego needs to be prepared.

So how does this relate to SDSVP? I ask again, “What is SDSVP’s responsibility in a crisis like the wildfires we have just experienced?”

We have a twofold responsibility. Our first responsibility is to take care of individuals who are in need. I think that SDSVP did an awesome job with this over the past days. My call to action is to continue these efforts.

Our second responsibility relates back to our Mission: “San Diego Social Venture Partners drives community solutions with investments of time, expertise and resources.” So my second call to action is to respond to me on how you feel about SDSVP focusing on disaster preparedness or disaster relief.

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