SDSVP Blessings

To start the New Year properly, I would like to share with you my blessings in relation to SDSVP.

I am blessed that Peggy is ED of SDSVP. She does a tremendous job in holding this organization together. We are very lucky to have her at the helm. Thanks Peggy.

I am blessed to have such an active, intelligent, caring and hard working Board. I am constantly reminded how powerful a group of like minded individuals can be.

I am blessed to have a motivated group of committee/team members who do the lion’s share of the work at SDSVP. I have been awed at times watching a committee at work knowing that they often do this work in the background with little recognition. This is truly selfless work.

I am blessed to have the lead partners who do so much work and coordination of effort to help our investees. They are on the front line and I appreciate their dedication.

I am blessed to be part of an organization that is filled with so much love. I am impressed by our dedication to our Mission: “SDSVP drives community solutions with investments of time, expertise and resources.” However, I am more impressed by your capacity for love, your love of philanthropy, your love of helping your neighbor and your love of community.

Let’s continue doing this very noble and important work in 2008. Have a Happy New Year!

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