Seems to me for January 2008

1 – Seems to me that the media controls who are viable Presidential candidate. The network news, major newspapers and talk radio can promote a candidate by simply providing coverage. Why should we allow these organizations to control who our Presidential candidates are. Seems to me that the voters with the power of the Internet could take that power away from the media. Seems to me that power should be with the voter.
2 – Seems to me our politicians care too much about being re-elected. They feel they need to give away favors and money to be re-elected. Seems to me the voters need to demand this to stop. Is it possible for the majority of Americas who live paycheck to paycheck to resist the temptation of a “gift” that will in the long run, put America a weak financial foundation? We must be strong and willing to sacrifice. That is what has made this country great. That is what will continue to make this country great.
3- Seems to me that Congress has more important things to work on than a hearing on steroid use in Major League Baseball. As an analogy, Congress working on the steroid issue is like a CEO of a company going bankrupt having a meeting with their key executives on the color of the carpet in the conference room. Congress should work on important issues, not issues that get time in the press. The voters are in control.
4 – Seems to me that we all know politicians lie. They lie to get votes. They lie to get donations. If we all know they are lying and they know we know they are lying, why does it continue. Because we the voters allow it to continue. Can you imagine if our politicians received 100 million emails to knock it off!
5 – Seems to me that everyone knows that Social Security is a mess. The “Financial Report” of the US Government says that revenues will fall short of payments by $45,000,000,000,000 in the next 75 years. In an editorial in my local newspaper, I just read a report stating the just unfunded retiree health benefits are estimated at $47.9 billion state, $28 billion counties, $15.9 billion schools, and $8.8 billion cities. Politicians at all levels of governments are giving money away that they don’t have to buy votes. Why are the voters allowing this? When will the voters stop taking gifts in the short term that are going to hurt us in the long run. The voters can stop this behavior. The politicians can stop this behavior. Who is going to step forward and speak the truth? I am. Will you?

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