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In January, I was a bit behind on the rest of my non-SDSVP life and was not able to write for the January 15th newsletter. So in place of my usual piece I asked that the Mission, Core Values and Goals of SDSVP be printed. Not surprisingly, many Partners were pleased to see that SDSVP has some of the fundamentals in place that provide part of the foundation for growth and excellence.

Also and not surprisingly, there were many suggestions on how to improve upon this foundation. The most notable suggestion was that Partner education is not in our Mission Statement. At the January 28th Board Meeting, this was discussed and we decided to modify the Mission Statement. The SDSVP Mission Statement now reads:

San Diego Social Venture Partners creates effective philanthropists who drive community solutions with investments of their time, expertise and resources.

One more missing piece of SDSVP’s foundation is a written Vision Statement. Many of the Partners have a sense of the Vision. Our job now is to get it on paper so we can rally behind it and inspire the Partners and the community to achieve this. The following are some of the raw ideas that I have heard so far. Do you have any thoughts?

SDSVP will be known as the organization that creates effective philanthropists
SDSVP will be known as the organization that educates philanthropists
SDSVP will create continuing educational opportunities for philanthropists
SDSVP will be the connectors of the non-profit industry in San Diego
SDSVP will be a consolidator of the non-profit industry in San Diego
SDSVP will have 500 Partners
SDSVP will have 4 Permanent Focus Areas with 5 active IWGs (one wildcard)
SDSVP will be true domain experts
SDSVP will be the knowledge center of giving
SDSVP will be an agent of social change
SDSVP will be an agent of sector change
SDSVP Partners will be sought after non-profit Board Members
SDSVP will be model non-profit organizational metrics
SDSVP will be the “go to” non-profit organization in San Diego

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